Auto Glass

Windscreen Repair

Cracks in the windscreen, left untreated, will eventually enlarge and cause irreparable damage. Glass-Fix is able to repair the windscreen to such an extent that not only will the crack not pose any future problems.
Windscreen Replacement

In cases of extensive damage to the windscreen, replacement is an option Glass-Fix is more than able to provide. Regardless of the type of vehicle, Glass-Fix's team of professionals, are able to replace your windscreen to perfection.
Headlamp Polishing
Dirt, dust and condensation often accumulate in the headlamps of vehicles, which clouds the brightness of the headlamps. Glass-Fix's team of experts can quickly restore the clarity to your headlamps with specially formulated chemicals and tools.
Auto Glass Scratch Removal

Small stones, hail and rock chips can cause scatches on your wind and rear screens, which may be distracting and ugly. Using special chemicals and state of the art tools, Glass-Fix can effectively and efficiently remove scratches, restoring your wind and rear screens to its original beauty.
Auto Glass Coating
To prevent scratches from occuring, Glass-Fix's Nano-clear glass protection technology provides an effective armour against the possible damage of urban living.

Flat Glass

Scratch Removal
Scratches on your glass panels can cause them to look ugly and lacking care. Glass-Fix can quickly remove scratches from all glass surfaces, bringing back their clarity and shine.
Flat Glass Nanoclear Coating
To prevent scratches from occuring, Glass-Fix's patented Nanoclear glass protection places an invisible layer of armour on your flat glass surfaces, effectively preventing scratches.
Glass Replacement
Extensive damage to the flat glass may render it irreparable. In such cases, glass replacement may be necessary. Glass-Fix, the leading expert in glass solutions, is your best bet to a smooth replacement process.
Customised Repair
Glass-Fix is the leading solution provider for all things glass. Whatever your particular need, Glass-Fix and its years of experience is more than happy to discuss possible solutions to your situation.

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